About Us

Established in 1996, WGL Energy is one of the largest and longest-serving energy suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic, offering retail electricity, natural gas supply, wind power and carbon offsets. We have a long history of providing the environmental products and programs that will lead to a cleaner, greener environment.   

For over 10 years WGL Energy has been a pioneer in the development and implementation of carbon offset programs benefiting businesses, communities, and individuals in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint within their home or business.   

 Since 2011, as a standard offering, all our customers have been receiving 5% of their energy from green sources, including carbon offsets. Some customers also choose to green a portion or all their energy purchase with offsets and renewable energy.   

While this covers their in-home energy usage, what can individuals do to offset their carbon footprint while out of the home? That’s where CleanSteps® comes in- helping individuals and families reduce the impact on every day and business travel, dining and entertainment and even public internet usage.   

Our carbon offsets are unique because they go one step further by also including investments in activities such as tree plantings that improve air and water quality. For example, WGL Energy invests a portion of proceeds into the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Carbon Reduction Fund every time carbon offsets are purchased.

Our partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has supported numerous projects including the reduction of fertilizer use through improved farming techniques, community restoration projects, and the planting of tens of thousands of trees across the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Since 2011, WGL Energy has contributed over 1 million dollars to these funds and continues to identify new partners looking to help people reduce their overall carbon footprint.