Carbon Offsets

By definition, a carbon offset represents a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions made in one place to compensate for emissions created in another place. We all have a carbon footprint.

Everyday activities like driving your car, using your computer, operating a business, or heating your home generate greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to your carbon footprint which impacts the environment. The best thing we can do to preserve the environment is to take actions to reduce our carbon footprint such as using mass transit and using more efficient lighting and appliances. However, no matter how much we reduce it's virtually impossible to avoid all emissions that contribute to our carbon footprint, this is where carbon offsets come in — you can counterbalance or green your unavoidable footprint with CleanSteps®. 

Here's how it works: a business like a landfill or transportation company develops a project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions above and beyond what is already required of them by law. These reductions are measured and verified by independent third parties. A carbon offset is then created for every metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions that is reduced from the project. These carbon offsets can be purchased by other individuals and businesses to counterbalance or green their carbon footprint since these projects would not otherwise have been developed. This way, everybody wins.